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What the hell are we doing here?

Seriously tho 😳

Anyone else feeling the struggle of authenticity lately? Like you can’t really find your way after a whole year of pandemic madness?

I’ve been feeling it. HARD. I am trying to stay grounded and continue to reflect to keep myself on track.. but I’ve been wondering what track I’m even on?!

Last year really put us all to the test. On so many levels. But mostly gave us all on opportunity for a fresh start to some degree. For me, especially being pregnant and bringing a new baby into this world, not only gave me a new purpose, but new drive and an entirely new sense of direction. I don’t fancy the “go-getter hella successful” lifestyle any longer. I don’t crave that overly busy no-room-for-fun day to day. As I mentioned before, I crave the simplicity over success. And unfortunately I’ve lost my sight and have forgotten to follow my own advice. I’m being pulled into to many directions. Caught saying YES to everything. Yes to clients who can’t fit into my schedule, staying late for them and not getting home until 10pm. Yes to brides who’s weddings fall on my one weekend off a month. Yes to dinners/ friends who I put all forth effort and don’t receive any in return. Yes to things I don’t want to do with my time.

Putting myself on the back burner.

In the last week, I’ve decided enough is enough and somethings got to give. I’m implementing changes in my business in the upcoming months. Making more time for me. Planning a social media sabbatical. Adjusting family time. And going to attempt to create some sort of schedule for simple living for my husband and I. It’s so easy to be a ‘yes man’ and I know there will be struggles saying no. No to events that don’t fit my schedule, no to clients whom don’t fit my business, no to work/ money that I literally cannot create more time for. Time is the most valued nonrenewable resource. No matter what you do, you cannot get more of it. So spending it selfishly is OKAY! And I think we all need to hear that.

My business and booming and I’m forever grateful- but there simply isn’t enough time for everything I want to do. In the last few days specifically, I’ve been feeling called to completely restructure. Inside my business and life as a mother and wife. Though I absolutely adore my career (and I’m nowhere near finished!) I can’t help but feel like there is something else for me. A side hustle maybe? A passion I could turn into something more? I’m not sure but I’m on the hunt. The hunt for fulfillment, the hunt to figure out: What the hell am I doing here?!


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