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The struggle is real

Well I woke up at 1:24 and couldn’t fall back asleep- my head started turning and there was no off switch. It’s 2 hours later and I’m feeling almost buried by my to-do list for today.

My hamster wheel is on full speed and I’m stuck spinning around and around with no way out. Anyone else feel that way?

Constantly busy but nothing is actually getting done? Constant running of errands but the list never gets shorter?

It’s no secret that I’ve been feeling some type of way the last year. Aside from the “Global Pandemic” and all life’s other harsh realities- I feel the pressure more and more.

I’m never really able to navigate where it’s coming from but glancing at all that’s on my plate, I can tell there is too much. When I try to tackle one thing, something of slightly more importance trumps it.

I’ve been trying to make some small shifts in my business and still haven’t gotten around to it. Something that is so important to me, and I’m for some reason unable to sit and think clearly on the direction I need to go.

Trying to clean and purge my “room” with all my, my husbands and Wally’s things in it (because yes. I’m STILL waiting on my house).

Been trying to make plans with every friend/ family member that I haven’t seen in ages.

There’s simply not enough me to go around and I’m starting to feel it.

I’ve heard that once you cleanse parts of your life, you’ll feel less cloudy and more free. I make a ‘Plan’ to get all of this done and it never seems there’s time to do it all.

If anyone else has any tips on how to better organize and really stick to plan/ to-do list, please help ya girl out and send over your recommendations!

Lately I’ve felt a little repetitive, and like I sound like I’m throwing a pity party on myself; especially with these blog posts-

I just figure hey, we all share the good parts on social media, why not share the struggles too?

The struggle is so, so real. ✌🏼


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