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Dirty Laundry

Work, laundry, grocery shopping, dinners, cleaning, cleaning and cleaning again because, well one year olds.. Seems like I’m constantly drowning in my “get caught up” list. In this beautifully new house, I struggle to find the time to keep it “Instagramable” or even decorate it to begin with.

As the wife, I do feel a lot of pressure to keep the house clean, keep the clothes clean, keep the baby clean, keep the fridge full, cook the dinners, and keep my career flourishing with so much more on my plate; from no pressure whatsoever from my husband, but society. There simply isn’t enough time to get it all done. My most favorite thing I’ve read recently is the correction that we DON’T all have the same hours in a day as Beyonce. We don’t all have helpers to take this stuff off of our plates. So we cant actually compare ourselves to Beyonce- thank god!

*side note: my husband is awesome and helps tremendously with all the tasks, home and baby.

Today, is Sunday. My cleaning day. We’re getting over the stomach bug in the Quay house and it’s officially taken Dad out. W is sleeping so its time for me to tackle the never-ending laundry. I am folding my 4th load and I start tearing up. And not with your typical case of overwhelm this time. But perspective. It just slapped me right in the face.

As frustrated as I am with my over piling to-do list, someone close to me is experiencing a family emergency that I couldn’t fathom. And all she is asking for is prayers and for you to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them because “life is shorter than you realize and by the time you realize it, it could be too late.” She's right. At the end of the day that's truly all that matters.

So for her, instead of being so annoyed with all my daily tasks- I’m going to leave the mess, grab take out to buy time, sit and let Wally wreck havoc in the living room; and be so very grateful for all this laundry, the bodies who wear and dirty it with each day they are here with me. <3


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