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Creating Boundaries in my Personal and Professional life

Updated: Jul 28, 2021


Something I’ve needed for a long, looong time.

I find it so difficult to just stick to my guns and not be a yes man. Especially after so many years of allowing it.

Being my own boss has proven to give me even less of a back bone actually. I just want to be a people pleaser and feel so guilty when I don’t have the space for my guests. Especially my long time guests that I consider family- but with that, comes too much attachment to y’all quite frankly. I started to bend. I come in on a day off; I skip the extra product charge because I feel bad; it’s been 8 months since you’ve been in so your hair doesn’t get as blonde in one sitting so I discount you a teeny bit.. unfortunately in those cases, which are all 100% MY FAULT, I lose my faith in my career and passion in my business. I start to feel burnt out and angry. I’ve been working on figuring out ways I can structure my business better, for you and I both.

My little fam and I have had SO much going on this past year. Like everyone, 2021 is proving to be the “hangover” of 2020. The lag. The actual hard part. Again, as I choose to share my life on social media as well, I always like to be transparent. I feel it helps others understand and relate if they can.

Unfortunately for me, the business I am in, my personal life filters through no matter how hard I try not to let it. A bad day goes in and out of work and personal. It’s affected my business poorly and I apologize to you.

I know some can relate but I am on a fast train labeled “Hot Mess Express” lately and I’m pumping the breaks! I am putting in place more structure and getting this train on a better track.

My hope is that by creating some boundaries in work life and personal life, I can better compartmentalize and be a better me for all of us.

Hands up if you’re feeling the hangover effect 🙌🏼. Just remember we’re all in this together and this too shall pass.

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