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L O L @ my past self

Wow. These past two weeks have really givin me a swift kick in the A S S. I have always been a person with a lot going on at once, but I feel like I’m being out to the test lately y’all. Already 2021 has been more insane for my family than 2020- and we‘re only 3 months in.

They say when it rains it pours- well. My grass better be nice this spring cause my yard is flooded. Things have felt very heavy and almost impossibly busy. I honestly have no idea why I used to think I was so busy. Like what did I even do before I was a mom, devoted wife, trying to run a business and build a home, and not cry about weight that gets piled on my already heavy plate. People had said before “mommin is HARD!” and ya know, I feel so blessed that I haven’t felt that so far. But I am realizing that maybe they didn’t mean “Mommin” itself is hard.. they meant “Hey, here’s your new full time job. You get to keep your current job, and still do all the other stuff you’ve always had to do- except now you have to do it with a dependent who wants all your attention, is totally helpless and can’t be left alone. Good luck!” Never will I complain of such tasks, but I now know what BUSY means.

With the weight of the world around me, the one thing that grounds me is my little Wallace. No matter how hard of a day or heavy of a problem I’m going through, I can look into his pure eyes and nothing seems to matter after that. As long as I have my happy, healthy babe + handsome, supportive hubby by my side, the world can’t be all that bad ♥️


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