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Be kind to your mind

Health. Fitness. Family. Work. Success. Balance. Minimalism. Independence. Quality.

..and so many more. Things that I question and get overwhelmed by daily.

I feel so much anxiety and pressure to only feed myself the best ingredients and use the best, safest products because everything I touch or consume effects him.

I want to keep my body strong so I can keep carrying my growing babe; be able to lift him high in the sky while he’s packin on all the pounds. Make my body something I’m proud to carry also.

I want to spend time with my baby and husband. And all of our extended family so they don’t miss a beat while life steals all our precious time.

Keep my schedule open for my favorite guests but not too open to not be flexible for living life.

The continuous battle of Success vs. Simplicity.

Keep myself on the perfect work/ life balance. Work more efficient & maximize my time, at work and home.

Remember I don’t need all the things; to really commit to my minimalist state and not buy the things that we don’t need. To make time for myself. Without my husband, without my son. Make sure I make time for the things I want to do alone; So I don’t lose myself in motherhood and wifely duties.

Focus on quality in life. Rid the things and/ or people that aren’t necessarily adding value to my life. Sounds so harsh but time is so precious. It needs to be distributed carefully.

At the end of the day, I try to focus on all the good. I reality check myself often. I have always strived for more- but when I take a deep breath and think about all my blessings, I feel my self-created stress pull away like an ocean tide. 🌊


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