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What are Handtied Extensions?

100% Remy Human Hair added weft by weft to help achieve desired length/ fullness goals. This hair may be washed and styled along with your natural hair. They come in various colors, and may also be colored, to ensure seamless blending to each guest.

Extensions give back so much confidence. You will feel fuller, longer, healthier hair that holds style which means less time in your morning routine spent curling/ re-styling. Just brush, dry shampoo, and GO!


Shampoo + conditioner MUST be sulfate free. Use of detangler/ leave-in is extremely important. 

Please get your products approval prior to using on your new hair extensions.  Only professional hair care products should be used.

Examples of approved lines are: 

Matrix Length Goals

Iles Formula System

Kevin Murphy




Try to keep the washes between 1-2 times a week. Consider washing only the top portion of your natural hair more often if needed. 

Please use any of the recommendations for washing your extensions. 

Be sure to wash and condition to keep extensions in their best condition. 

Brushing + styling 

While brushing extensions (especially while WET!) make sure you are holding/ supporting extensions at the scalp and gently brushing out the tangles.

Do not sleep on wet extensions, dry you'r extensions and braid them prior to sleeping.  

This will help to maintain their integrity and make your wefts last longer. 

You may wear your extensions in a ponytail, braids, hats, etc.


Dry shampoo

You will be able to use dry shampoo to prolong time in between washes. Dry shampoo recommendations: IGK Charcoal, Moroccan Oil dry shampoo, Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo. 



Use Bare Republic sunscreen only. 

Please be sure when using sunscreen, you are keeping hair up and out of the way.  Avoid getting sunscreen on the hair.  



Swimming in oceans or pools is not recommended while wearing extensions. This will dry out the hair and cause tangling. Use deep conditioning treatments on vacation.

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